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Looking for a new beginning, Lucía travels to the mysterious Balearic Islands that Lorenzo had always talked of, but had recently been very negative about.

Six years earlier: Lorenzo is having casual sex in the ocean, on a bright moon-lit night, with a beautiful married woman he just met named Elena.

Very important that although there is a lot of lust but also a lot of connections & destiny.The story details the complex triangular relationship between Lorenzo (Ulloa), a writer given to rehashing his own life for his novels; his girlfriend Lucía (Vega), who retreats to the island location of one of his novels in order to reflect on their history together; and Elena (Nimri), a woman who, unbeknownst to him, had Lorenzo’s child after a holiday romance.Not on the level of Medem’s earlier films, but worth watching for Vega, and Kiko De La Rica’s photography.Spanish director Julio Medem’s fifth film is a passionate, stylishly directed and frequently erotic meditation on love, loss, sex, fantasy and the nature of fiction versus reality.With lots of censor-baiting nudity thrown in for good measure.

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