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The first was taken apart, the second burned down and the ever-expanding town outgrew the third. In the 1930s under Soviet rule, the cathedral fell into disrepair.Reopened on the initiative of its citizens in 1942, a hugely difficult time for the city under German occupation, the cathedral underwent complete restoration after the war, with the bell tower fully restored in 1999 to mark the 250 anniversary of the city’s foundation.Rostov-on-Don Embankment Hugely popular with the locals is the Don River Embankment, which stretches over nearly two kilometres along the Beregovaya Street.The hustle and bustle never ceases here, making it the city’s most vibrant promenade.Incidentally, Rostselmash is a name synonymous with football in Russia, with the city’s most successful and popular football club enjoying this name for 45 years, before being renamed to Rostov in 2003.Rostov FC will play their home games at the new 45,000 seater stadium built for Russia 2018 once the tournament finishes.You can search for members with pictures in your area or overseas.

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street crosses the city from west to east and is home to most of the city’s landmarks and monuments.

Careful observers may note that the theatre building is shaped like a tractor.

This is no accident: Rostov-on-Don is home to Rostselmash, the largest agricultural vehicle plant in the country.

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