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He kills Milos' dog, replaces his pain medication with adderall, and sabotages the plumbing system, causing pig's blood to flow out of the shower head.Officer Grimly finally admits to his Lieutenant that he let Malvo off for speeding, then he visits the Bemidji police department and talks to Solverson about the murders.In January 2006, Lorne Malvo hits a deer with his car on a wintry rural highway outside Bemidji, Minnesota.A nearly naked man jumps from the popped trunk and flees into the woods.The first season of the anthology black comedy–crime drama television series Fargo, premiered on April 15, 2014, on FX.Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Allison Tolman, Colin Hanks and Martin Freeman, the season consisted of ten episodes and concluded its initial airing on June 17, 2014.Shortly afterward, Malvo kills Hess, later telling Nygaard that he never said "no." Meanwhile, Chief Vern Thurman and Deputy Molly Solverson investigate the car wreck and find the nearly-naked man frozen to death; they also investigate Hess's murder and learn that Nygaard was overheard discussing Hess with Malvo.Thurman arrives at Nygaard's house to question him, unaware that Nygaard has just killed his verbally abusive wife, Pearl, in a fit of rage.

Their meeting sets forth a series of murders throughout the city.

Malvo produces documentation identifying himself as Frank Peterson, a Lutheran minister from Baudette with a solid alibi. Wrench later stage a bar fight to also get arrested, and are put in Nygaard's cell. They are released, but Nygaard is taken to the hospital with a severe infection.

Solverson calls Grimly after learning Malvo's name, but Malvo (as Peterson) has just been released. Fleeing, Nygaard encounters and punches a police officer to get arrested and be taken to safety. A stray shotgun pellet struck his hand when Chief Thurman was shot.

Malvo drives away as Grimly, confused, does not report the incident. Max Gold, Hess's attorney, directs them to a strip club with a description of Malvo. News about the Bemidji murders reaches the Duluth Police Department, and Officer Grimly realizes the car he pulled over could have been tied to it.

Deputy Solverson learns that the frozen man found in the woods had been abducted from his workplace in St. A still image taken from the security cameras shows the kidnapper's partially obscured face. They later visit Nygaard's office, intimidating him for information, but leave when Solverson unexpectedly arrives.

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