Liquidating distributions cash proceeds

(C) transfer of beneficial ownership of the securities, if the securities were received as compensation for consulting or advisory services, merger or acquisition services, acting as a finder, or for any other service. have filed a Schedule 13D or 13G with the SEC that identifies the legal persons as members of a group that have agreed to act together for the purpose of acquiring, holding, voting or disposing of equity securities of an issuer in connection with a previous investment; and (B) An institutional investor is any individual or legal person that has at least million invested in securities in the aggregate in its portfolio or under management, including investments held by its wholly owned subsidiaries; provided that no participating members direct or otherwise manage the institutional investor's investments or have an equity interest in the institutional investor, either individually or in the aggregate, that exceeds 5% for a publicly owned entity or 1% for a nonpublic entity.

Notwithstanding paragraph (d)(1) above, the following items of value are excluded from underwriting compensation, provided that the member does not condition its participation in the public offering on an acquisition of securities under an exception and any securities purchased are purchased at the same price and with the same terms as the securities purchased by all other investors.

FINRA shall accord confidential treatment to all documents and information filed pursuant to this Rule and shall utilize such documents and information solely for the purpose of review to determine compliance with the provisions of applicable FINRA rules or for other regulatory purposes deemed appropriate by FINRA.

(A) Unless filed by the issuer, the managing underwriter, or another member, a member that anticipates participating in a public offering of securities subject to this Rule shall file with FINRA the documents and information with respect to the offering specified in subparagraphs (5) and (6) below: (ii) FINRA has provided an opinion that it has no objections to the proposed underwriting and other terms and arrangements or an opinion that the proposed underwriting and other terms and arrangements are unfair and unreasonable.

(B) For purposes of determining the amount of underwriting compensation, all items of value received or to be received from any source by the underwriter and related persons which are deemed to be in connection with or related to the distribution of the public offering as determined pursuant to subparagraph (3) below shall be included.

(C) All items of underwriting compensation shall be disclosed in the section on underwriting or distribution arrangements in the prospectus or similar document and, if the underwriting compensation includes items of compensation in addition to the commission or discount disclosed on the cover page of the prospectus or similar document, a footnote to the offering proceeds table on the cover page of the prospectus or similar document shall include a cross-reference to the section on underwriting or distribution arrangements.

(A) Purchases and Loans by Certain Entities — Securities of the issuer purchased in a private placement or received as compensation for a loan or credit facility before the required filing date of the public offering pursuant to paragraph (b)(4) above by certain entities if: c.

makes investments or loans subject to the evaluation of individuals who have a contractual or fiduciary duty to select investments and loans based on the risks and rewards to the entity and not based on opportunities for the member to earn investment banking revenues; (ii) all entities related to each member in acquisitions that qualify for this exception do not acquire more than 25% of the issuer's total equity securities during the review period in paragraph (d)(1), calculated immediately following the transaction.

Documents and information relating to the following offerings need not be filed for review: (A) securities exempt from registration with the SEC pursuant to the provisions of Sections 4(1), 4(2) or 4(6) of the Securities Act or pursuant to Rule 504 of SEC Regulation D if the securities are "restricted securities" under Securities Act Rule 144(a)(3), Rule 505 of SEC Regulation D, or Rule 506 of SEC Regulation D; (C) securities of "open-end" investment companies as defined in Section 5(a)(1) of the Investment Company Act and securities of any "closed-end" investment company as defined in Section 5(a)(2) of the Investment Company Act that: (E) modified guaranteed annuity contracts and modified guaranteed life insurance policies, which are deferred annuity contracts or life insurance policies the value of which are guaranteed if held for specified periods, and the nonforfeiture value of which are based upon a market-value adjustment formula for withdrawals made before the end of any specified period; (I) securities of a subsidiary or other affiliate distributed by a company in a spin-off or reverse spin-off or similar transaction to its existing security holders exclusively as a dividend or other distribution; and (J) securities registered with the SEC in connection with a merger or acquisition transaction or other similar business combination, except for offerings required to be filed pursuant to subparagraph (9)(I) below.

information initially filed in connection with debt securities and derivative instruments acquired or entered into for "fair price" as defined in paragraph (a)(9), but not excluded from items of value under paragraph (c)(3)(B)(vi) or (vii), may be limited to a brief description of the transaction (additional information may be required in the review process) and a representation by the member that a registered principal or senior manager on behalf of the member has determined that the transaction was or (if the pricing terms have not been set) will be entered into at a fair price as defined in paragraph (a)(9). the modification of any information or representation previously provided to FINRA or of any item of underwriting compensation including the information required in paragraph (b)(6)(A)(iii) above with respect to any securities of the issuer acquired subsequent to the required filing date and prior to the effectiveness or commencement of the offering ; or b.

any new arrangement that provides for the receipt of any additional item of value by any participating member subsequent to the issuance of an opinion of no objections to the underwriting terms and arrangements by FINRA and within 90 days immediately following the date of effectiveness or commencement of sales of the public offering, provided, however, that information filed in connection with debt securities and derivative instruments acquired or entered into for a "fair price" as defined in paragraph (a)(9) may be limited as described in paragraph (b)(6)(A)(iv)b.

A derivative instrument or other security received for acting as a private placement agent for the issuer, for providing or arranging a loan, credit facility, merger, acquisition or any other service, including underwriting services, is not included within this "fair price" definition.

The required filing date shall be the dates provided in paragraph (b)(4), and for a public offering exempt from filing under paragraph (b)(7), the required filing date for purposes of paragraphs (d) and (g) shall be the date the public offering would have been required to be filed with FINRA but for the exemption.

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