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When negotiations failed, the Ottoman pasha thought his forces could take Sheikh Jassim by surprise. WAHO feels it is very important to honour these friends and colleagues, who are all greatly missed, with a minute’s silence in their memory. From a genetic perspective, he explained that only two things are certain when looking at a pedigree, which are that the Y chromosome passes down the tail male (top) line, and that Mitochondrial DNA (Mt DNA) passes down the tail female (bottom) line.

On 13 March 1893, the well-armoured pasha reached the small fortress of Al Shaqab where the Ottomans set up camp. The list was unfortunately rather long this time, with the following people fondly remembered: From Egypt, long-time WAHO Executive Committee Member Dr. Both these DNA entities carry a very small number of genes compared to the 20,000 or so genes that are encoded on the other chromosomes, which follow an unpredictable path of random segregation, further complicated by the process of recombination which results in crossing over between maternal and paternal chromosome pairs.

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Born of the wind, the Arabian horse is alive and well here, honoured in Qatar’s heritage, an eternal part of its culture, and a living tribute to the spirit of Qatari knights and their noble steeds that enabled Qatar ‘to be free’.” The 2011 WAHO Conference was then officially convened. He mentioned some interesting statistics, stating that although the annual worldwide total of Arabian foals registered has dropped from about 23,000 to 21,000 over the past 15 years, the WAHO Member countries in the Middle East region have together seen an impressive increase in the same period -from about 2,000 to almost 5,000 foals annually. Significant changes in the breeding structure of Thoroughbreds were introduced in the 1990’s and the previously small ‘book’ sizes of a stallion covering 40-50 mares changed to popular stallions covering 150-200 mares.

His hypothesis for the lack of correlation lay in the observation that within most well-established domestic animal breeds there is a very limited amount of genetic variation present on individual chromosomes, such that often only 4-5 different forms exist.

This limited variation overpowers the effects of doubling up on individuals generations back in pedigrees, so that the same combinations that might have been attributed to 4×5 crosses are actually being generated by random associations from unrelated individuals.

A special thank you from all the WAHO family goes to the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (QREC) for being such generous and hospitable hosts.

QREC Chairman, HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faleh Al Thani, General Director Mr. Hannie Maasdijk and their team did a superb job of organizing the Conference and ensuring we had a memorable stay in Qatar.

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