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Millions of young people enter the workforce excited about the future only to find that there are hordes of applicants for the very limited number of decent jobs that are actually available.So all of this is creating an environment where more young adults are financially dependent on their parents that ever before in modern American history.It is just that it is much harder to find a job these days.And it isn’t just young people that think that the job market has gotten tougher.

In 2007, the employment rate for Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 was 62.4 percent. Yes, there are certainly many out there that are lazy, but the truth is that most of them would like to work if they could.

As I have written about previously, our education system is a joke and most high school graduates these days are simply not prepared to function at even a very basic level in our society.

In addition, college education in the United States has become a giant money making scam that leaves scores of college graduates absolutely drowning in debt.

Summer camps offer opportunities for intensive learning and fun!

We value our senior members at CHHRC and know that not all of our classes are a fit for them.

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