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According to a 2014 poll from the Pew Research Centre, "online violence is especially more pronounced at the intersection of gender and youth." The poll surveyed 2,849 Americans online.

By 1795, Fort Edmonton was established on the river's north bank as a major trading post for the Hudson's Bay Company.

Out of frustration with the company, the woman has posted a warning about her experience on a support network page for abused women in Alberta. "There's actually a lot of women saying that their exes have done it to them too, and there's never been a way to get it to stop," she said.

"It's scary." Research indicates that women and girls tend to be the primary targets of some forms of cyber violence.

"He was a very, very abusive man," she said, "and I've been trying to get away from him for a while." A few days after she took out an emergency restraining order against him, she said, she got a threatening email.

He vowed that if she "didn't do the right thing" he would start sending men to her house.

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