Chate sex gardes con cam

Strong intellect and strong passion are almost always co-existent.The ke^n feelings give tenderness, fervency, and fire to the mind— the strong mind gives energy, condensity, and firmness t^ the fee K ings.

The only cause, it appears to us, which can actuate men of strong mindr-^nd it is of them alone we speak *— to undervalue and dislike women with similar gifts, is a miserable jealousy of being outshone — a fear that the absence of great superiority will prevent due respect and homage.

And wheii in addition to this sensitive and devoted nature, which is common to almost all women, there is bestowed a mind of lofty powers, expanded by liberal knowledge, her attachment assumes a character supe- rior to that of either sex: — fonder — ^purer — ^more engross- ing — ^more fasting^— than that of man : — more noble — more ardent — ^better, and therefore more firmly, grounded — , than what is usually felt by woman — ^The fires of pas- sion are mingled with those of genius, and both gain added power and brilliancy from being conjoined.

Such affection as this, indeed, it is the lot of few men to excite— of fewer to deserve.

It is seldom that they can — -stil) more seldom that they do-— requite the full lavish-^ ing of such qualities and gifts on them.

They are sometimes wasted on the undeserving — often on the un- grateful — ^but they are not the less heavenly in their spirit — entrancing in their effects — sacred in their issues.

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