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Brea and Mallory talk about short fiction and interview author Amal El-Mohtar!

Use the hashtag #Reading Glasses to participate in online discussion!

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Len looks sheepish, then whines, “You never got high with me.” They flirt.

Sarah starts to explain a vape pen to him and he’s all, “Oh, like this? If Len wasn’t played by Rob Huebel, whom I personally find hot as hell, I would have no use for him. I don’t really know that the show has given us a compelling reason why Syd would be in love with someone as selfish as Ali is towards her.

I also said that I loved Madeline Kahn and Jessica Lange.

Because it’s been, like, 24 hours since they fucked, so Josh wants to make sure everyone knows. Josh comes out to ask her what’s up and she confronts him about how he’s been fucking Syd. Maybe I’m being too hard on Josh because of his traumatic sexual past, which gives him some leeway in terms of feeling badly for him.

Brea and Mallory also offer advice on reader dilemmas. How do you support authors while still getting books on the cheap?

Where do you hide the bodies of the people who won’t stop talking while you’re trying to read?

I hate how his emotional manipulation of Raquel is totally going to work, isn’t it? Syd by-accident-on-purpose lets slip to Ali that she and Josh hang out and trade records. “Yeah,” Len jokes, “our main problem was your tits were too big for me.” Sarah rolls around on the bed, knowing exactly what she’s doing and loving the power she still holds over her ex-husband. “Both of your tits.” Josh and Raquel hang out at his house when Bianca comes in. Josh says, “I’m not a congregant.” Raquel counters that he’s on the temple newsletter, so he is. “I feel terrible constantly, constantly,” Syd says. You’re not listening to me.” Carrie Brownstein is acting out of her head in this scene. This sudden Syd-loves-Ali story line doesn’t sit right with me.

Ali tells Syd about how she walked into Dale’s house and it looked totally different — no longer a cabin, now just a regular house. She says when she was a kid, her mom made her learn the alphabet with cutouts of letters because she’s a tactile learner. Sarah and Len smoke together and continue to flirt. Josh is like, “No big deal, she’s living here.” Raquel freaks out. I am so used to seeing her in comedic roles on , so to watch her play this super-sad part is really startling. In 1994, Maura shows herself to Shelley for the first time and says, “It’s me.

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