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Laurent Arnauts argued that his visit to the embassy caused 'no diplomatic damage of any kind' and also states the prince has no access to social security or a pension, nor the right to do any paid work.The situation that goes 'against the most fundamental human rights in a developed society' and warns Belgium might even be dragged in front of the European Court of Human Rights.Mikes Poppe's art installation was meant to show the 'burden of history from which artists cannot escape' but had intended to free himself by chiselling away at the marble.Poppe attached himself to a 3.28 yard chain buried in the middle of a block of marble in the courthouse of the Belgian coastal city of Ostend.So while I'd say it's pretty common, it is less common than in the big cities of the UK or the US, where the number of interracial couples I've met is significantly higher.

Belgium is a pretty diverse country but surprisingly, universities are probably a bit less diverse.

It caused a scandal in Belgian royalty and governmental circles as nobody authorised the prince to visit the celebration on behalf of Belgium.

His various gaffes and scandals have led to the former military helicopter pilot being nicknamed The Cursed Prince (Le Prince Maudit).

It was made famous by German artist Joseph Beuys in the 1970s.

Belgium's best known artist of the genre, Danny Devos, or DDV, has held over 170 performances around the world, including some depicting crime and murder.

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