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As Rod stated in his earlier piece on RWB, Nakai-san isn’t into washing his cars and he feels that they are best left in their natural state of distress.On the same note, when we asked him if one his new projects would be appearing at Tokyo Auto Salon, he quickly replied with, “I don’t like car shows.” Sitting underneath that huge rear wing is this fully tuned 3.8L engine.The Stella Artois logos on the side of the car are an homage to the Belgian beer which is Nakai’s brew of choice.Here is a better view of the details of the fenders.All through the years, he has used this car to develop the parts which he sells and installs at his shop and to establish himself as magician of car style and race tuning.

Lastly we have a CD deck but apparently it’s not hooked up to anything…

With all of weight reduction, Nakai says that he has dropped a total of about 400kg (800lbs) from the car’s original weight and that it now hits the scales at just 980kg (2,100lbs)!

After all of the custom bodywork, Nakai sprayed the car in a coat of flat black paint, which as you read in our Rauh Welt shop story was inspired by American custom cars and hot rods seen in Japanese magazines.

As Nakai-san developed the car, he wanted to be sure that the bodywork would not get in the way of tuning and maintaining the car, and for this reason all of the body modifications are easily removable.

This makes for easy access to the car’s undercarriage and suspension during those testing sessions at the track.

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