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I don't believe that I have any latent hyperopia, and although 44 years old, my eyes have always been like this, and I don't yet have or need a reading add (I was given the option of a 0.25 add, which my optician didn't feel was necessary, so I didn't bother with it).For someone who has a very small distance prescription and no real need for a reading addition, at times I find it incredibly difficult to see well enough to thread a needle with my distance prescription, which makes me think it must be my convergence insufficiency.I think that it is quite possible that over accommodating owing to eye strain is the cause of your prescription decreasing, since it happened in a way to me, although in my case, it took the form of my glasses seeming too strong when putting them on for the first time later in the day.What I believe was happening in my case, was that my eyes were accommodating to see without my glasses, causing my eyes to ache and burn, and after accommodating all day, it was difficult for my eyes to relax fully for distance.It was solved by wearing my very small prescription full-time, to prevent the over accommodation in the first place.If your eyes are very strained and over accommodating, this may artificially make your prescription seem less than it is.He says that you have two options, prism or being slightly under prescribed in terms of plus.

Since I wasn't wearing my glasses, I was simply over accommodating to see.

It starts off hard to see and often improves as the rehearsal goes on, as if it takes a while for the muscles which turn my eyes in, to get going. Last night we were playing a small copy which I could relatively easily see the week before, but last night I felt that I was really straining to see it, and asked the conductor if he had any of the large print copies left.

It was one of the first things we played, so the situation may have been different later.

It will be interesting if he finds any latent hyperopia.

If he doesn't, you need to accept his prescription and consider a referral to look for another cause.

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